This year’s weather has just been funky. We never even put away summer shorts this past winter. And we rarely wore our jackets. In fact, I didn’t even buy new winter coats this year! We just layered up when necessary – or stayed home. That was cheaper than new winter coats. LOL!

Anyway today the kids were having a grand time playing in the water under the trampoline. It was a pretty hot day and they wanted to play in the mud – so I figured under the trampoline was the best place. It’s just dirt under there anyway – and if they dig a big hole I don’t have to worry about someone tripping over it. And if it took 3-4 days to dry out – we could still play in the backyard. Our backyard is so well shaded that if the kids soak the dirt under the tree (where there used to be grass, but with 4 kids playing under the tree all day…well…it’s just dirt now) it takes 3-4 days for it to dry out and that makes the backyard uninhabitable. Which is, understandably, not really good for my nerves!!!

This photo was taken at 1:46 pm. Once the children were COMPLETELY covered in mud, I hosed them off and sent them into the garage to strip down, throw their clothes into the washing machine and head straight for the showers.

While they were in the shower, my friend Jeanette called and in the course of our conversation she let me know it was really storming at her house. She lives in New Braufels, which is only 18 miles from our house. She asked if it was raining at our house and I said no, it was a bright clear day outside.

About 30 minutes after we hung up, the sky got really dark and the trees started swaying, indicating a very strong wind. We have big trees – it takes a lot to make them sway! Then the rain started pouring – and then it started HAILING! And not just little pieces of hail – but big chunks of ice. It was really amazing! Some of the hail was the size of golf balls. I quickly pushed everything in the garage out of the way and brought the car inside! The kids were amazed. Adri said, “Wow, I didn’t know a car could actually fit out there!”

Here’s a photo of the hail coming down – I think this is a cool photo! All the white spots are pieces of hail. It stormed for a long time – it hailed for over an hour. It was really a sight to behold. Here’s a photo of our trampoline covered in hail! And below is a photo of our backyard. So much for keeping that area under the tree “mud-free”. But the white spots all in the yard is hail coverage. Some areas had more hail than others. Check out the backyard of my friend in Windcrest – about 5 miles from our house.

These photos were taken at 4:49 pm – just 3 hours after photographing the kids playing under the trampoline in 95-degree weather! The storm brought a fantastic cool front with it and we enjoyed spring like weather for the next couple of days. I love Texas Weather!!

And my favorite photo of the day – Hannah giving me hail. This is one of those moments when you KNOW God has a sense of humor! If you know anything about Hannah and her temperment… Well, I’d definitely say that nature came to pay Hannah a visit today! LOL! I mean, check out the look on her face – like she’s saying, “Yeah, Mom, I’m giving you hail – what are you gonna do about it?!?!”