And finally – my reward! After crossing the pole, the bridge and the high wire – I climbed back up 10′ and attached to a zip line. I sat on the very edge of a platform and the guy in red literally pushed me off and I went flying through the sky on that zip line. It was great fun. But I swear, I felt as crazy as Lucille Ball!! (And looked as crazy too!!)

After completing the ropes and walking back up the hill, I noticed at the foot of those two trees RIGHT THERE was a plaque that read “In Loving Memory Of…”

I almost DIED LAUGHING! SURELY … SURELY no one actually DIED on this thing!! And if so…what a HORRIBLE place to put a memorial!! I was thankful I hadn’t seen that BEFORE I got on the ropes.

I later learned that the High Ropes were built IN MEMORY OF someone who loved the camp, and had passed away. Using his inheritance or something…anyway…nothing horrible, but you know me – always thinking the worst! HA! Posted by Picasa