After the High Ropes and an afternoon session (which I missed because I was napping…because my Titus 2 Daughters kept me up TOO LATE, which I’ll blog about in another post…) we had a lovely dinner in the mess hall as ladies from all over came together and decorated banquet tables for a special “Froo Froo” dinner. This was the table that I decorated. Everyone was oohing and aahing it and really, people, it was candles, water, fake rose petals and confetti…seriously…I wasn’t really that creative. All the tables were really beautiful. I applaud all the women who came out and decorated and made the dinner special. A special thanks to those that decorated more than 1 table!

None-the-less…I did have the honor of dining with Mrs. Nancy Campbell, Selah and her sister (adopted from Liberia – part of the Campbell Clan), Meadow (on the end with red curly hair…guess who SHE’S related too also) and Janice from Oregon (sorry Janice, I can’t remember your last name!!) and her 3 most adorable daughters. The little girls were so delightful. They were drawn to all the shiny candles on the table and just couldn’t hardly wait to sit down and eat. They were more concerned about losing their seat at the table though – Meadow asked, “Must we go get in line (for food)?” I said, “No, I am going to serve you, so just take a seat!” And there was a collective sigh of relief, all 4 little girls KNEW they would not get bumped off this table! Hearing their oohs and aaahs made it all worth it.

My only regret: that I didn’t have my own little Hannah to share the evening with. Next year, Hannah. Definitely next year!

Other friends at the banquet….

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