found these today when i was cleaning off my desk – notes i took on music – wanted to archive them so i could throw away the paper…..clear the clutter….flylady would be so proud~

Music – a powerful medium God gave us
Why – to draw us near to Him, to effect our spirits to holiness, to bring us to Him (repeat), a venue we have been given to bring praise to Him, a measure of His love for us (that He would give us something so (innately) beautiful even when we are so (innately) ugly
Music is as much a part of our systematic living as our circulatory system, even our heart keeps a steady beat, our lungs – a variated rhythm….etc…
Music is a glimpse of His depth and beauty

that’s all…paper was just folded neatly in half and placed in the trashcan at my feet….no crumbling…i am, at heart, a neat freak…but practicality renders me messy…what?? i don’t know …. back to the decluttering.