I said I wasn’t going to post things that could be read online elsewhere (like a news service) but this one hit close to home for me. So I felt I must comment on it.

I’m not a fear-monger. I don’t do things because I’m terrified of life. But there are some really SENSIBLE reasons for keeping your children with you and home educating them.

For me, the number 1 reason, is that I know God called me to home educate long before I ever had children. It’s an innate part of my being. Some family members can’t understand how I could possibly WANT to home school as a choice I’ve made. Others think it’s harmful to the children and can’t find anyway to support us at all. I don’t understand how they think it’s a CHOICE I’ve made. Sometimes you just know that there’s something in you that is a part of who you are and it’s not a choice – it’s who you are.

However, when I read stuff like this, I take it as confirmation that my children are right where they need to be, being raised and protected by their Mother, as God intended. My children are not being harmed by spending all day with their own family. It is children like THESE who are being harmed by being shuffled off to school and spending days with heathen children who do not know the Lord, who do not know they are loved, who are lost to the world because they are sitting in a classroom instead of on the couch, reading a book with their Mama.

What a loss. Shame on America. Shame on the Church. Shame on Parents. They aren’t even safe at DAY CARE!

I’ll get off my soapbox now and just let you read the rest for yourself!


9-Year-Old Shot on School Bus in Compton
By Megan Garvey and Andrew Blankstein, Times Staff Writers
2:58 PM PST, February 3, 2006

A 9-year-old special education student pulled a handgun from his backpack
and shot a 9-year-old classmate on a school bus in Compton this morning, an
incident that left a city already reeling from a year of violence shaken.

Today’s shooting came a week after an 8-year-old Maryland boy shot and
wounded a 7-year-old girl at a day care center in the suburbs of Washington D.C.
In that case the boy’s father, a felon who was not allowed to possess a gun, was
arrested and charged with allowing a child access to a weapon.