This is Claire’s first shiny forehead. I just wanted to blog it for memories sake. If I never get around to making Claire a baby album, at least I can leave her this URL in my last will and testament.

She got this shiny from falling flat out on the ground – and even though it was just a few days ago, I really can not recall at all the incident surrounding the injury. Oh well. I did not have any Arnica with me at the time. If you have kids – you should own tons of Arnica. Note to self: Go to Good Stuff tomorrow and get 4 bottles.

When Adri was a baby I was at a friend’s house. Adri nose dived off the couch. He hit his forehead on their carpet. He was, naturally, very upset. I tried to console him, but alas, it was no help. My friend’s mom said, “Faith, run and get the arnica.” Faith did and she brought back a bottle of Arnica Gel and rubbed it over the quickly swelling goose egg on Adri’s forehead. Adri almost immediately stopped crying, and in FIVE MINUTES the goose egg was gone and you couldn’t tell that he had ever smacked his head on the floor.

It’s amazing stuff. We called it “Magic Gel” for the longest time, until some friend told me that it was SINFUL to call it “magic gel” because as Christians we ought not have anything to do with EVIL or MAGIC or anything at all that is related to witchcraft and therefore calling it MAGIC GEL was SINFUL!!

I laugh at that conversation now, but in reality, it’s sad that we ever had to have that conversation at all. God bless my friend. She needs it. We all need it.

But I digress…

Anyway you can get it in a gel form, or you can get it in homeopathic tablets, or in a cream form. It is great for postpartum pains, muscle soreness from exercising, or any bumps, bruises, etc. If you get the gel form, don’t put it on an open wound since it’s alcohol based!! LOL!

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