My niece, Amory Faith is 3. Amory’s birthday was actually on Friday, April 14th. But we celebrated today, after all the Easter hullabaloo was over. She’s such a sweet baby girl – I can’t believe she’s THREE! Three years ago we were all huddled around a very sick little baby hooked up to a million tubes and fighting for her very next breath of air. Here she is at just 8 hours postpartum. She was whisked away from her mom, at birth, and hooked up to all these tubes.

Yet here she is, below, blowing out her candle and trying to eat cheese cake!

We truly praise the Lord for the good work He’s done in Amory’s life! She’s is our miracle baby!

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I’m totally proud of Amory! She tried to eat her cheesecake!!! That’s my neice! I’ve taught her well!!!

Perservero, Amory Faith! May God give you many happy days ahead! We love you, tremendously, angel baby!