…not a creature was sleeping….not even the mouse…

There was just too much to do!

First things first though, Claire went to bed early!! There was NO WAY I was dying Easter eggs with Claire’s “help”. Next we made Easter Cookies that were really interesting! The recipe is made up of salt, egg whites, vinegar, crushed pecans and sugar. You bake them and then the inside turns out hollow. The ingredients represent a different aspect of the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ – the hollow cookie: the empty tomb! It was a really neat object lesson, and helped teach the kids what Easter was about – but the cookies really turn out yucky. For the record. LOL!!

After we put the cookies in the oven, we got to work on dying the hard boiled eggs!

Here’s Hannah with her Golden Egg!

Adri was timing how long he needed to leave the egg in the dye.
I suggested 1 minute, so he actually watched his watch and
counted 60 seconds! Too funny.

Lobster Boy with his Green Goblin Egg. Poor Ean, he wore a
tank top to the park earlier that morning and we didn’t think
to put sunscreen on!! He’s stayed lathered up in Aloe Vera Gel
though – and that’s getting him through!

Ta Da! 60 seconds later! Actually this is a different egg…
but it’s a cute photo of Adri…so it was getting blogged.

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