This is a relatively boring post – but the photos were cute!

Mandy’s kids needed new clothes and my boys needed new shorts – so we met at Texas Thrift and Dollar on Friday morning – they were having a “50% off all clothing” sale. Yes, we’re that cheap with our kids’ clothes. LOL. The thrift store is the best place to find playclothes and sometimes you can get some really nice things there super cheap – especially at 50% off.

What was really odd though was finding OUR clothes on the racks at the thrift store – stuff I had donated to Medina Children’s Home. They ended up right where they came from. HA! I wonder how many clothes the thrift store recycles like that.

However, with 8 kids in tow, and like ALL of San Antonio coming out for the big blowout sale at the thrift store – we were there a record THREE HOURS! I’ve never been so sick of shopping in my life.

Thankfully they had these couches near the books and I eventually took over the “kid patrol” duties while Mandy took Alaina and Emma into the dressing rooms to try on their goodies. I blocked the kids on the couch using the baskets and they joyfully sat around looking at books for about an hour and a half. I also read some of the books to the toddlers, and it was really funny to see the other adult shoppers stopping to listen to me reading to the kids!

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