The McNay Art Museum has to be my absolute favorite place in San Antonio. If you don’t know the history behind the McNay you can read about it here. I love that they love children and are always very welcoming to us when we visit.

Their most current exhibit is called Babar’s Museum of Art. It is really really cool. It’s based on the book by the same title. (Click link above). What the exhibit basically does is takes the original paintings that de Bruenhoff made for the book, and hang them on a wall and as you go around the big square room, you read the story above each painting. The gist of the story is that in Celestville, Babar renovates an old train station into a museum. In the museum, he and Celeste hang their beloved masterpeices and display their sculptures. What’s so funny is that de Bruenhoff took famous paintings and sculptors and repainted them, replacing elephants for all the people. It’s really very funny – just the kind of humor I can appreciate!

The kids had a great time – if you haven’t been to see the exhibit you should really make some time to go see it before it heads off to another city. There are big benches and bookshelves set up in the room for kids to sit and read Babar books, play with Babar stuffed animals and even some family activity cards to get the kids more involved with the exhibit.

Hannah really loves her baby sister! And I love the way Hannah loves Claire. Hannah has been asking us when we’ll have another baby. I just tell her she’ll have to just talk to God about that one!! She’s decided we need to have another baby sister and another baby brother for her. Very cute. We’ll see how long that lasts after Mandy has her baby. I’ll just let Hannah hang out at Mandy’s for a day or so listening to the baby cry every 2 hours. I can literally feel my stress levels rising right now just thinking about the IDEA of another baby. Moving along to the next photo….

Yep – I cut my hair all off! YAY!!
I’m letting the red grow out from last year.
I need to do an all over color again –
but I didn’t have time on Thursday morning
(I had it cut before going to the McNay) to get it
colored as well. Maybe next time I go in.

Adri pointing out to me something – I have no idea what.
I just like this photo of him – even if it’s a little blurry!

Ean leading the way!!  Posted by Picasa