Today we met up with Mandy and took a trip to the zoo. The zoo is one of our favorite places to go. I could write a short dissertation on why I think the zoo is so important for home schoolers, but I’ll spare you. I know you just want to see photos!!

The best part was that we “ran into” Teresa and her kids at the beach! (The zoo has a beach for the kids to play in.) I actually knew she was going to be there on Wednesday, but we arrived at the zoo at 10am and walked around for quite a while before going to the beach and we never saw them! Turns out they had been at the zoo since 9:30am – we just never crossed paths! It is a really big zoo though! (At least, I think so anyway!)

An interesting fact I learned at the Rock Quarry field trip: the zoo used to be a rock quarry. The rock that was used to build the Alamo actually came from the quarry where the zoo is now located! I just thought that was so cool!

Amory didn’t know quite what to think about the sand on her feet. She didn’t really like it, but after a while she got used to it. I love this photo of her and Mandy! And James is just flat out cute!!

The kids were totally worn out – Emma barely made it to the car before crashing out on Alaina’s back!