Me: “Claire, are you supposed to be playing with those (scissors)?”
Claire: (as clear as day) “Uhhhmmmm, No!”

And she politely folds the scissors back up, hands them to me, and smiles….never losing my eye contact!

My heart melts.
How am I supposed to discipline that? She obviously knew what she did was wrong. She told the truth AND submitted to my authority on the matter willfully and joyfully.

HOW am I supposed to discipline that?? Naturally, I don’t, and just praise her for being so obedient and joyful and give her a kiss and send her outside to play!

I think we’re heading for a lot of trouble with this one…. LOL!!

I wish I had had a blog when my other 3 were babies – this is such a great way to “write that moment down now before you forget it” as my Mother has encouraged me to do for the past 9 yrs. I’m finally doing it – now that I’ve forgotten all these other moments with the older children!!