**This is my personal “epiphany” that I had during church. It does not reflect, in anyway, the doctrinal teachings that we are under at our church. I am a Reformed Christian who is presently attending a church based more on Armenian Doctrines. (Not by choice, but I try to gladly follow Royce’s leading in this area.) Obviously, while I agree with the bottom line of most sermons, I think I’ve learned something entirely different than what the preacher actually said! LOL Please don’t think that we had this kind of a sermon at church. This is what I took away from the teaching.**

If the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, then we know that one can not, through their own works (reading the Bible), “glean” this wisdom and THEN become fearful.
If the fear of God is a good thing (because it’s good to be wise), then we already know that all good things come from the Lord.
If all good things come from God, and the fear of God is a good thing, the fear of God must come from God.
If the fear of God comes from God, then the fear of God is a provision that God has made for us, who have been called unto Him.
If the fear of God is a provision to us from God, then there must be a purpose for it.
If the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, the purpose for God’s provisional gift is to enlighten our spirits about His character.

Basically what I’ve deducted is:

The fear of God is a gift from God that He gives us through the Holy Spirit which enables us to serve Him with total devotion, love, admiration, reverence, respect and to approach His throne trepiditiously and with much fear for His wrath is great. While we have the assurance of salvation through the blood that was shed for us on Calgary, we also have a Father in Heaven who demands respect and to whom we owe all things – but who also loves us dearly and wants to be close to us, without compromising the fact that He is GOD!

The fear of God is a provision God has made for us, who have been called unto Him. It is to enable us to draw near to Him, to learn about His character, and to fear Him because we love Him. The fear of God can not be a learned character trait of ours. If I were a Christian who did not fear God, in a healthy way, then I would seriously question my salvation.

It is during that born again moment, when you clearly see your life before Christ, and then your dying need for a Saviour, and then you see what your life will be should you reject the cross – and you cry out to God for His grace and mercy – and in His providential goodness, He brings you unto Him – it is in THAT moment that your spirit receives the fear of God and the understanding of His total and complete sovereignty over your life. It is through no work of your own, through no merit of your own, that God reveals Himself to you! It is only by His grace and mercy that HE chooses to reveal Himself unto you and the Holy Spirit quickens your spirit and you are drawn to Him and you FEAR Him. Because you know you are not worthy. You know you are nothing more than the dog that eats the crumbs off the floor. You do not even have faith the size of a mustard seed.

Yet there He is. Beckoning you to come to Him. He’s your Father. He loves you. He wants you. And He will get you, in spite of you. If you are His, He will get you. Satan may come to steal, kill and destroy – but he only does it with the permission of the Father. Perhaps He gives permission to Satan to steal, kill and destroy those who do not fear Him.

There are many Christians who are deceived about their salvation. Catholics. Baptists. Lutherans. Bible-believing Christians. They said a prayer once. They had water dribbled over their heads as infants. They confirmed their faith as teenagers. But they have not been BORN AGAIN. They don’t even know what it really means to TRUST in Jesus! They do not fear God! Why? God has not given them this provision. Why? They do not have a relationship with God. Why? They have never truly approached His throne and cried out for his mercy. Why? Perhaps they aren’t aware that they NEED to! Why? Perhaps no one is teaching it anymore. Parents certainly are not – and that is where this teaching MUST come from!

The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.
Without the fear of God, you are not wise.

So why would ANY preacher tell his congregation, “If you don’t have the fear of God in you, then you should probably start reading the Bible and see what God has to say about it, see what Jesus had to say about it, and you need to get the fear of God in you!” ????

It doesn’t work that way!

If you do not have the fear of God in you – you need to fall on your face, prostrate before the Lord, and cry out to God for his mercy and grace, and ask HIM to supernaturally, through the power of the Holy Spirit, stir up in your heart a healthy fear of Him, so that you can begin to grow in wisdom, grace, truth and love.

I don’t want to give the appearance that I have all the answers. I actually know very very little. If the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, I’ll be the first to admit – I need to be on my face, prostrate before the Lord, crying out for His mercy and grace as well. Because I don’t consider myself to be a very wise person.