Dear Mr. (name witheld),

A few more thoughts for you – and for anyone who home schools but doesn’t really appreciate their freedoms!!

You said, in your email to me(which has been edited because I am going to comment on just these points) :

In my limited research of your recommended (republican) candidate…

One of the reasons I thought homeschooling was a good idea for my children….

…to just unquestioningly accept some candidate because he is some great “friend of homeschooling” goes against all those principles….

Please leave us off your republican call to arms….

Ok a few more thoughts for you

1) It was REPUBLICAN, Conservative CHRISTIANS who, 20 yrs ago, fought tooth and nail to give you the RIGHT to home school your children!

2) You are only able to home school your children because Republican Conservative Christians fought to give you the right to educate your child AS YOU SEE FIT! (Not as some public school system sees fit.)

3) To vote people into office who are foes of the home schooling community, while you are a home schooler, is OFFENSIVE to those who have gone before you to GIVE you the freedom to home school. Your ability to home educate your children, and teach them to be questioning non-conformists, was handed to you on a silver platter and you think you have the RIGHT to be SO disrespectful towards the Conservative Christian Republicans who are presently fighting tooth and nail to keep an Anti-homeschooling PAC out of Texas Congress? You should be the first one to call down to the THSC and ask how you can help protect home schooling in Texas! You OWE it to all the Conservative Christian Republicans who have afforded you your freedoms!

4) This is not a Republican Call To Arms – but if it were – YOU, out of honor and respect for those that have gone before you on this issue, should be the first in line to help protect our rights to home school AS WE SEE FIT! As someone who is seemingly more liberal-minded than the rest of us “nonquestioning conformists”, you should see the virtue of “doing it as unto myself” and lead all of us ninny-headed idiots (Conservative Republican Christians) through the halls of Congress.

I wouldn’t expect you to lay down your political dust feathers for the sake of the home schooling movement, you clearly don’t understand the principle issue here. You’re too worried about getting your political toes stepped on and you have to “prove your point” – at the expense of your very own freedoms!

Thankfully, Mr. (name witheld), you are in the minority here!