On Tuesday, April 4th we took a field trip to the Vulcan Materials Rock Quarry off of Huebner Road. They have several plants in the San Antonio area.

Most interesting fact Adri learned: Houston has no rocks. It’s all sand. All the rocks Houston has, Vulcan ships to them via the railroads.

Most intersting fact Ean learned: Flint rock, when you rub it together, smells like either a match or a certain bodily odor – he couldn’t decide – but either way he thought it was cool and has been on the look out for flint rocks of his own to play with! There he is at the quarry, playing around in dirt and rocks – what more could a little boy ask for!

Most interesting fact I learned (hey, I’m in the 3rd grade too!): Miners have a saying: If you can’t grow it, you have to mine it. It’s amazing what comes from mining – pretty much everything except cotton! I had no idea!

Teresa and her kids were able to meet us there for this fantastic field trip. I plan on setting one up for our church fellowship in the fall. It was really the best field trip ever – they even fed the kids lunch (Papa Johns!) at the end of the field trip. We had a BLAST! (pun intended – if you don’t get it, you don’t know concrete)

Here’s Claire standing on a pile of sand at the VERY BOTTOM of the rock quarry. She’s about 170 feet below surface level right now. Once they hit sand, they stop mining. So at the bottom of the quarry, Vulcan actually has some sand piles set up for the kids to play in and little area set up to give a lesson on rock formation.

They also had a HUGE boulder full of fossilized this and that. We found fossilized shells, oysters and other things (sorry, 3rd graders have limited memory). Adri and a friend were sitting ontop of this boulder searching for fossils. The kids were asked to guess how much this boulder weighed. The top 5 guessers won a free t-shirt. Someone from our family guessed right. HER photo is below!

This is one of my favorite photos from the day. You can see Claire in the blue shirt at the bottom, Hannah right above her in pink shorts, Lauren is actually right above her in denim shorts, and then Trent has made his own way down the hill! He thought this was so funny, and so did Teresa and I! The kids were completely filthy, totally exhausted and had full tummies when we left. That’s how you know it was THE BEST FIELD TRIP EVER!

And here is one of the winners of the “Guess how much the Boulder weighs!” contest!

Congratulations to Meagan Svacina!!

I can only post 5 photos in each blog. So I’ll post a few more photos below and upload ALL the photos to walmart.com so you can order your own prints if you want some!

Many many thanks to Christy Perkins for setting up the tour and to all the people at Vulcan Materials who worked hard to make the field trip happen!