On Saturday I was going to attempt to run a 5k this weekend, but that fell through. No big surprise.

I had listed the running program I was going to use, but it is such obsolete information at this point – who cares! So I deleted that.

Royce decided not to come to Georgetown to cheer me on, which doesn’t matter now because I’m not going…so I deleted that paragraph too.

I’m going to cancel my hair appointment and just stay home this weekend.

I really need to go see Sean b/c I think my brain is seriously fried – but it will have to wait for a more inopportune moment, like when I have all 4 kids with me or something.

Maybe the A/C guy will get the a/c fixed tomorrow and I can sleep again. It’s 82 degrees inside the house. I’m about to go get my pillow and blanket and sleep on the trampoline.

No, seriously….

I keep coming back to this same realization: I have a LOT of children to take care of and right now just doesn’t seem to be the season to 1) train for a new sport, 2) try and move, 3) start a new hobby or 4) attempt to do anything other than mop floors, wash laundry and change diapers. I’m beginning to accept that reality.

I burned my hand tonight doing something really stupid. I think this turning 30 bit is really whoopin’ me. Or is it just stress? Or is it both?