Considering we were playing at a rock quarry, the injuries were minimal. Hannah fell flat out in the dirt when she came running down a rock pile! She was actually quite proud of her injury!!

Here’s Meagan Svacina, Adri and Ean Walston, and a little girl from our home school group, learning about the different kinds of minerals that have to be mined out of the Earth. Vulcan actually has a Geologist come in and talk to the kids and give a lesson regarding rocks, minerals, etc.

The Geologist had a couple of kids taste the rocks. One was salt, one was … some other kind of mineral… anyway – it’s AMAZING what kids are paying attention to. Claire must have been watching that part of the class because when it was time to go up to the table to check out all the different kinds of minerals and rocks the Geologist had brought, the FIRST thing Claire did was grab a rock and LICK IT! ROFLOL! TOO FUNNY!! Here she is tasting Flourite. She didn’t react funny to it – just very matter of factly licked it. Kids are hilarious!

Trent thought the rocks were really super cool. Here he is holding something. What a little man- check out those biceps!!

And then there’s the obligatory photo at the end of the field trip. Vulcan gave the kids each a goody bag with age appropriate goodies. The boys have been wearing their baseball hats all over. The girls hats have long sine been obliterated, but you know…that’s why they are plastic!