i’ve been trying, for 2 days, to pen down the story about THE WALL… but everytime i sit down to write something goes wrong – earlier, when i was halfway through the WHOLE story (it’s quite funny) the computer actually just SHUT DOWN and rebooted. i took it as a sign from God to just give you the short version.

so – short version is this:

an artist in salado had been hired to create THE WALL for a restaurant renovation but he didn’t have time so he hired me to do it – then i realized that the job was going to be too hard for me to do alone – so i asked royce to help me with it and he did and we had a lot of fun learning how to use a blacksmith’s kiln and branding irons. or rather, he did – since i ended up being horrible at the actual branding – i mostly heated his irons for him…. that sounds funny doesn’t it

anyway the wall is still intact in the restaurant we helped open – www.saladomansion.com – if you ever pass through it’s a great place to eat – top notch food – really cool restaurant. very old house.

purpose of the job: to make money, learn something new, have the short-lived notoriety of actually creating THE WALL