I’m totally confused.

March is almost over.

I feel like we didn’t do anything productive all month.

But that is why I’m SO thankful for this blog! I was able to look back and see that in March we accomplished a LOT.


  1. Had a Gloopy Afternoon
  2. Played Backyard Scavenger Hunt
  3. Got the house listed, sold, recovered from that falling through, and then relisted…
  4. I went to see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat with my good friend, Robin.
  5. Booked a Mayan Cruise!
  6. Had a birthday for Royce
  7. Enjoyed Adri’s 1st music recital
  8. Visited the Planetarium (will blog about that later)
  9. Got 1/2 of my clothes shopping done for the kids for spring
  10. Endured 2 weeks of me nursing all of us back to health after being very sick for 2 weeks straight.
  11. Am currently battling horrendous allergies – but still looking forward to that 5K I’m gonna run (or walk) come April 8th
  12. Have packed up 1/2 of the house and moved it to storage (hopefully we won’t have to move it back!! hahaha!)

So, while I may not have accomplished all I set out to do (you should have seen my March Calendar before we got sick!!) I’m still happy with how the month worked out.

Wish I could have had more training time on the treadmill. I’m a bit nervous about the April 8th run. Nothing like signing up for your 1st 5K, training really hard, and then losing all that training time the 4 weeks before the run due to illness and fatigue.