I (will presume to) know what God was trying to do when He brought Claire into our lives! I am guessing He figured if He gave me a really sweet baby that I would fall in love with her and want to have hundreds of them.

Well…I’m not falling for that one!

BUT…I do want to write about what I love about Claire!

She is one of the sweetest babies I’ve ever known. She has a real tender countenance about her. Of course, she’s almost 2 so she can really pull out all the stops if she has to! But generally, she’s the loviest dubbiest child I’ve really ever met. There is just something about her that makes my heart leap!

It will be a real treasure to watch her grow up and see what kind of a young lady she becomes.

Presently she is sitting on the couch watching Chitty Chitty Bang Bang with Hannah and she is actually singing “You Two” with the movie. It amazes me that a child who is 22 months old can actually sing, IN TUNE and in keeping with the actual melody of any song! She doesn’t get every word right, but she gets “you two” right every time! It’s precious. She was even singing the ABC song yesterday!

She also loves to sing the “Barney Song” (I love you) and walk around hugging everyone.

She also says, “Upah” when she wants you to pick her up!

She also likes to try and ride Hannah’s tricycle. She’s a little short.

She also likes to walk around the house saying, “Baaa-byyyyy, where are yoooouuu?” or “Shoooo-ooo, where are yoouu?” She doesn’t really say it – she SINGS it!

She also is thinking about potty training. She’s been thinking about that since she was 7 months old! Maybe she’ll figure that one out soon!

She also likes to EAT! All day! Bread, sugars, fruit, carbs carbs carbs! And she’s still “underweight” (wish I had her problem!)

She also totally adores dogs. All dogs. Big dogs. Little dogs. Loves them. She gets so excited anytime she sees anything that resembles a dog. One of her first words was “Doggy!”

She LOVES her Daddy! Everyday when he comes home she RUNS to him and gives him a huge hug!

She loves to snuggle.

She loves to dance – to anything – even acapella hymns! It’s not a rebellion issue my legalistic minded friends – the girl just has RYTHYM! (She’ll be my ballerina!)