I think blogging can be a dangerous sport. I think many people are too quick to shoot something off into cyberspace and forget that real people read it. Real people are affected by it. And the author is ultimately held accountable for that. Blogging is such a surreal activity. It’s really good to have friends read your blog, to help keep keep you accountable to the REAL world.

I have, myself, blogged a bunch of junk and then, through the course of this weekend, have thought, “Is this really what God wants from the time I spend at the computer? Does my blog reflect the regenerate work of Christ in my life? What purpose does this blog serve?”

Here’s what I came up with:

  • 1) I don’t want to be a news service – I want the blog to stay personal and not just a reiteration of other stuff you can read here or there on the web. In the grand scheme of things, it really isn’t important if I blog that Walmart is selling Plan B abortion drugs.
  • 2) I don’t really want to embarass my friends. Annonymous or not. I have recently had a taste of my own medicine, as far as my sometimes annoying ability to find humor in almost EVERYTHING my friends do (part of my nature, but discretion is a blessed virtue!!). Anyway a good friend had a great laugh, at my expense, about something that I had only shared with her – and she exposed it to several other ladies – and it hurt my feelings. I thank God for that experience, because sometimes you have to be on the other end of it to understand it all.
  • 3) I would like the blog to have a Higher Purpose than just a provision for my flesh. It would be amazing to me if certain persons were to stumble across the blog and read it and get to know me better and start building bridges back to healthy, productive, and Christ-honoring relationships. I don’t want the blog to be divisive. There will always be a controversial side to me. I don’t necessarily like controversy – but if people are mature and let Love prevail, differences can be just that – differences, not divisions.
  • 4) I would like it to also be my personal journal. I don’t keep a written diary. But I would like to keep something online. It fulfils my obligation to remain transparent before the body of Christ, so that others can see the regenerative work being done in my life through the Holy Spirit. And honestly, it will be nice to look back at the blog, over time, and SEE God’s documented hand at work in my life. Sometimes, I know He’s here, but sometimes it’s hard to see through the murky waters.
  • 5) I will, in the future, keep debates to a minimum. I just don’t have time for lengthy conversations with friends who might not see eye to eye with me on an issue. I’m always happy to read an opposing position. As an annoying intellectual, I actually enjoy reading the “other side” of topics b/c it helps to sharpen my position on an issue. Or it helps to change my mind. I’m only 29 – there is a lot about life I still need to learn.

Consider reading my blog like having an insider’s guide to Sarah. And then leave it at that.

I have cleaned it up a bit – deleted things that weren’t necessary – or that I regret blogging. I hope I can be more discerning in the future. But don’t be surprised if you come back to find stuff deleted, it is…afterall….the nature of the blog.