Today we played with GLOOP. It’s totally weird stuff. If you punch it with your fist, it turns into a solid. If you gently press your fingers into it, it reacts like quick sand, if you pick a bunch up in your hand and squeeze it, and then turn it over and over in your hand, it turns to a solid, and then if you relax your hand it turns back to a liquid!

The best part is it’s really easy and cheap to make and extremely easy to clean up and the kids had a blast.

To make your own Gloop mix 1 cup of corn starch with 1/2 cup of water, using your fingers. Don’t bother trying to use a mixer! If it’s still crumbly add 1 T water. Add food coloring for fun.

We had extra fun learning about primary colors and how you can make all kinds of colors out of just red, yellow and blue.

For the scientific information: gloop is actually a “hydrosol” – a solid scattered throughout a liquid. Applying pressure to it, as you do when you punch it, traps tiny drops of water between tiny bits of starch, making the surface feel solid. When the pressure lets up, the mixture becomes watery again.

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