the single most expensive cold we’ve ever had.

$ spent on OTC meds: 34.00
$ spent on OTC herbal remedies: 12.00
$ spent on OJ, chicken soup, jello: 15.00
$ spent @ Dr Talafuse’s office: $50.00 in copays
$ spent on Prescription Meds: $96.00 (3 sinus infections, 3 ear infections)
$ of days Royce missed from work: 5 full days

grand total: $207.00

At this moment, I’m really glad I have a SMALL family!!!

I paid so much for these brand name prescriptions that I think I may wash the bottles out when we are done and put them in a shadow box for memory’s sake. I can’t believe that we had to pay $20 for each one of those little bottles of medicine for the kids. You might be thinking it’s a lot of medicine – but there’s only 6 TEASPOONS of medicine in each bottle. That’s right – $3.33 is what each dose cost! And that was with insurance. Without insurance it would have been $50/bottle. NO JOKE!!!! Posted by Picasa