Red comments are my thoughts.

[Sproul Sr] said that [feminism] was started by women who were sick and tired of getting pushed around by male chauvinist (pigs).

That was my entire point. Men had abandoned manhood. Men who have embraced their Godly position as MEN cannot be chauvinist pigs. Men who decide they are superior to women because God gave them a penis – that falls under the category of chauvinist pig. I don’t see much difference between a man who beats his wife into submission with his fist vs. a man who beats his wife into submission with God’s Word.

When I am around those men, I just want to push back, too!

Really? That’s not a very Biblical response!

As far as when did the women abdicate their biblical roles, I asked you that question…Of course, if you read some of these “Biblical Family” books on women, they will include such things as voting! And let’s not forget writing blogs!

I know, it’s rather impossible to know how exactly to be a Godly Woman these days. Everyone’s “convictions” are so confusing and muddled with misogynistic evils. Even from the women!!
Women pushed for these rights – the right to dump children in daycare all day – the right to be paid equally for doing a half-a**ed job – the right to abort their babies – the right to sex w/o consequences – the right to join the army, air force, etc – the right to hold offices in the land – the right to uncontested divorce – the right to work in corporate America….the list could go on and on and on…none of these have done much good for the whole of society.

Again: why did women have to fight for the right to vote? Where were the Godly Men standing up for the rights of their wives and daughters? Where were the Godly husbands, the Patriarchs, seeing to it that their wives were heard in the voting booths?? That’s my point – chauvinism (men abandoning TRUE BIBLICAL MANHOOD) caused women to push back – and thus, they have abandoned womanhood in effort to become better than men. You can’t be better than a man – you can only be a really good woman. A man can’t be better than a woman – he can only be a really good man. Different, yet equal. Not egalitarianism. Not feminism. Not chauvinism. But respect for the Biblical Roles God desires from both parties.

You said, “Feminism requires women to abandon all that is feminine in order to be successful amongst the men.” ALL? When I was in the Army, I was extremely successful amongst the men, yet there were many aspects of femininity that I did not abandon. However, maybe we should stop here and define what is meant by femininity. Are you talking about only what is covered in God’s Word, or a traditional definition, or a combination? When my children are grown, and I decide to work in the world in some way, do you necessarily think I will abandon my own convictions, which you know are feminine?

Ummm…the simple fact that you were in the Army should be cause enough for you to pause and rethink that paragraph! No – you can’t totally abandon womanhood (unless you have a hysterectomy and sex change I suppose). You might have worn makeup with your military uniform – but there is absolutely nothing feminine about a woman serving in the military. Sorry, that’s what I believe. That’s what I believe God’s Word says about the matter. Deborah didn’t WANT to go into battle – she submitted to God’s will b/c there were NO MEN WILLING. They had abdicated their responsibility and God did teach those men a lesson!

I like your thoughts on Adam and Eve. Surely you aren’t suggesting that Eve follow Adam around like a puppy dog all day, are you?

Well…what else did she have to do? It was the Garden of Eden. Not like she had to be on her hands and knees pulling weeds. She didn’t have to clean meat or wash laundry.

Maybe God just had to use a woman to teach some men a lesson!

If you think God is using feminism to teach “some men a lesson” then you don’t see the full implications of the damage that feminism has wrought on women, men, children…families…today. Yes, He can certainly do this (and has) but it ought not be the norm. Feminism is God’s Judgement against His Church.

Chew on that one for a while.
Then go Dig Another Well….