So, are you trying to separate the women’s rights movement from feminism? If so, where do you draw the line?

No. I think the women’s rights movement was the
beginning of feminism.

I definitely agree that feminism has gone way too far, but I’m not sure it can be separated from women’s rights. By the historical comparison, I was trying to refute your “quote” that says that the feminist movement was FUELED by men abandoning manhood, which therefore led to women abandoning womanhood. My point is that when the feminist movement began, men and women had not respectively abandoned manhood and womanhood, especially in comparison to where they each respectively stand on that issue today.

What would you say fueled the feminist movement then? And where do you draw the line as far as when women turned away from femininity? The swingers of the 20’s? The bored housewives of the 50’s? The bra burners of the 70’s? The whores of the 80’s? The lesbians of the 90’s? The muted androgynous creatures of the early 21st century? Surely you are not saying that when the feminist movement really catapulted into society full force (60’s/70’s) that THOSE women had not begun to abandon Biblical

Feminism requires women to abandon all that is feminine in order to be successful amongst the men.

That abandonment may have been a RESULT of the feminist movement, but I certainly do not see it as an impetus for the feminist movement.

Men did not abandon manhood because their women started wearing the pants. It’s the problem of the ages. The man abandoned his wife – and she went searching for fulfillment elsewhere. Reminds me of Eve talking to the serpent. Why
was she talking to the serpent? Wasn’t she busy helping to meet
Adam’s needs? Where was Adam? Why was he not with his wife? Lots of good questions and thought provoking scenarios can come from this. Of course I don’t actually have the answer to any of them. Maybe it would help to read the entire article (which is in this blog) where the quote was taken from so you are reading it in the original context.

I was going to comment on your description of how you envision me as Susan B. Anthony – that I would agree with everything except the marching part! Then I remembered that I was in the Army for over 6 years, and I loved the marching part! Nothing like a good march to get everybody in sync!

Which of course took place during your years as a feminist minded woman – a woman in the military is a perfect example of a woman who has, for whatever reasons, abandoned womanhood. Which is what the early Suffragists remind me of – women who have forgotten that they are women and have taken on the duties of the men. Just like Deborah in the Bible….because…not one man was willing to do what God required of them! The Men had abandoned their duties and so God filled the shoes with a woman, who was
forced to abandon womanhood in order to wage war against her oppressors. Sort of like the women’s rights movement….

Just food for thought.

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It would be a GREAT book to read through with Natasha (save the 3rd section maybe – titled The Groined Archway!)