Well it didn’t happen like I had planned. I was hoping to be able to post a link to our house being listed for sale. But – life happens – and things have been pushed back another week. After working really hard all weekend to get our ToDo list DONE – Royce came down with the flu. He’s been in bed since 1pm on Monday. He’s starting to feel a little better, but I think it will take another day or two in bed. Trying to finish the “to do” list by myself, with all 4 kids helping me has been a little stressful. Not to mention the dryer going out, the tailight on the car going out, having to go to the grocery store and basically be a single mom for over 24 hrs now.


I need a margarita – but you know, it’s like 11am – there’s just something wrong with that. HAHAHA Maybe I’ll do some pretend yoga later and just tell the kids they have to meditate too. We’ll play some hymns and sit real quiet, with our eyes closed, hmmmmm-ing the tunes in a low monotone hum.

So – maybe next week I can send you all a link and we’ll finally be on the road to MORE SQUARE FOOTAGE!!

Well we’re heading out the door for Adri’s piano lesson. He has his first recital on March 21st. I’ll be sure to post pics!