Our dryer finally died. It’s been on it’s last leg for a few months but we were hoping it’d last until we moved. Then we could just leave both the washer and dryer behind and buy new for the new place. Oh well. Anyway so we all went to the laundromat today b/c our dryer guy isn’t coming until Thursday. We had LOADS of fun! Actually now I want 1 of the Maxi-load washing machines and one of the Maxi-Load dryers in my home!

Claire wasn’t too sure about this – but she’s a good sport. She looks like she is smiling and laughing but she was actually in the process of saying “Want Out, Want Out!”

Hannah working on coloring in her book.

Ean going insane!
I think he was supposed to be a scary lion or something. I don’t know.
It’s really funny what happens to kids when they don’t have any toys, television
or computer to entertain them.  Posted by Picasa