It’s 11:37 and I’m WIDE AWAKE AGAIN. I’ve been having insomniac nights lately. Tonight I can blame it on the fumes in the air. I’ve been painting since 6:30pm and the house smells FANTASTIC! hee hee…

Here’s Hannah helping me paint the closet door in my bedroom. She was a big help! You can tell by the look on my face in one of the photos. No, really, she had so much fun, it was worth it. She kept saying over and over again, “Me and my Mom are painting the doors! Not my boys. Not my Dada. Not my ‘baby airee’. Just me and my Mom. Painting doors.” It was TOO CUTE!!

And now I finally have a good reason to throw away my tacky PINK sweatpants and worn out, stretched out, purple t-shirt (that I love by the way even though I look horrible in it) – they are covered in paint. I’m a very messy painter! So was Hannah Banana

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In Other News
I spent a record 3 hours on the phone last night with one of my favorite people in the world! It’s been a long time since we’ve even spoken to each other so there was a lot of catching up to do, and some backtracking to do, and then more catching up. I can’t wait to read her blog and talk to her again sometime soon!

I can’t remember the last time I had a conversation that long on the phone. Once Mary and I talked for about 2.5 hrs – I was having a crisis and Dr Mary came to my aid. Thank God for little sisters who think they know it all. hahahaha No, seriously Mary, you are a great listener and fun to talk to.

I think I may change the format of this blog – I don’t like the big font – what you do you all think??