Today we are packing up the house and moving all our junk to storage. The house is so nice and empty – it is tempting to just leave it all in storage!! Our realtor is coming on Monday to take photos and we are signing papers and it goes on the market on the 28th! I’m SO excited! I seriously thought we’d live in this house forever! We have no idea what we are going to do next. We have to wait and see how much money we get from selling this home! I’ll take various photos today of the kids working, painting, cleaning, moving, etc and post them later!! If you want – come over – we have enough work to share!!

I’m only typing this up b/c I have to sit down and eat before I forget about breakfast. I know you think I’m addicted to blogging – but really I’m just having my Wheaties (or whatever these bran flaky things are).