These are the huge presses at the newspaper plant. Actually these are itty bitty presses b/c this was a small newspaper plant. I thought these were quite large though and would have loved to see them actually running! Can you imagine how big the presses are for the Wall Street Journal??


Here is Ean contemplating life as a newspaper printer. Maybe he was thinking about his Paw-Paw! Paw-Paw Walston owns his owns printing business in Waco, TX, Walston Printing. I think Ean may want to follow in Paw-Paw’s foot steps one day!


Hannah could not have cared less about the printing plant! She was more interested in posing for the camera. I think she looks crazy in this photo – very grown up and authoritative looking. She’s quite a character!!


Adri is listening to one of the kids asks a question. The owner was explaining one of the last steps in the newspaper printing process. I was too busy taking photos to pay attention. You’ll have to ask Adri, I’m sure he can reiterate verbatim whatever the gentleman was saying. For the record, the best question of the day had to be the little boy who asked, “Do you ever get paper cuts??” Ha!

We took this field trip at the beginning of February. I can’t remember the name of the newspaper though…aren’t I such a great teacher?!?! It was the newspaper plant in New Braunfels though – surely there isn’t more than one! ha! Posted by Picasa