Attn Women: You Don’t Gotta Try So Hard!

For all the girls and women in my life:

  • the tweens and teens trying to figure it all out while chasing the freedom of adult life,
  • the 20-somethings riding the high of youth who think their moms’ advice is ridiculously dated,
  • the 30-somethings juggling it all, wondering why they did this to themselves, thinking they should have listened to their mothers,
  • the 40-somethings who are finally learning to breathe,
  • the 50-somethings who are learning to give themselves grace,
  • the 60-somethings who are wondering if their daughters will be OK when they have passed,
  • the 70-somethings who are still young enough to know that everyone else is wasting so much energy, but old enough to know there’s no point in arguing with them all,
  • the 80-somethings sitting on the park bench watching the toddlers and wondering if those little girls on the playground will ever know…
  • the cancer survivors…who are so beautiful…and are elevated above all,
  • the working mom who puts on the face every day,
  • the stay at home mom who wonders “why bother…”

And all the men who love and support us. Dads included.

THIS SONG IS the epitome of what it means to be a woman in the 21st Century: the unashamed, unapologetic, self-acceptance of the female.


She’s been forewarned.


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